[Bitecast 28] Bryan Chaney — Behind the Curtain of Employer Brand

Jason Brain

Creative Strategist

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Bryan Chaney.

Welcome to EveryoneSocial’s Bitecast! Before we dive into the great content below, I want to briefly explain what the Bitecast is all about.

While we all love great video interviews and podcasts, we’ve found that the content is often too long. We all have busy work lives and often want the takeaway nugget upfront.

This is why the EveryoneSocial Bitecast exists. Every week, we deliver an informative and educational piece of media in a short and bite-sized format.


What is working across the industry when it comes to employer brand and talent acquisition?

Bryan Chaney is back for another Bitecast, this time to share his thoughts on what is currently working best for employer brand strategies, talent attraction, and leveraging social media to best activate employee experience.

In terms of social engagement, we all want to connect with people who have made their content their own; expressed in their own voice. If people can express their voice externally, they can probably do so internally as well. What that says about a company culture is that the employee experience matters, is trusted, and given a platform to share their stories.

If people can express their voice externally, they can probably do so internally as well.

The alternative is to keep branding buttoned up, scripted and polished. But that kind of broadcast voice sounds the same to everyone, striking us as specious, not credible, and certainly no way to attract forward thinking talent.

By activating an employee storytelling platform, social media is best leveraged for employee branding and talent attraction. When the employee experience is prioritized, what’s behind the curtain is illuminated.

As Bryan points out: it’s either nothing to fear, or even if there is something unknown behind the curtain, it’s never worth hiding. If content is broadcasted in a highly crafted way however, people will wonder and want to see what is rough around the edges with that brand.

Don’t leave talent guessing who you are as an organization. Employee voices are the most authentic and credible way to leverage the brand sentiment that employees are already talking about. Candidates are looking for just that.

At the heart of the matter, candidates want to be able to relate to someone, and a vetted company poster child is not relatable. In this week’s Bitecast, Bryan spells out what we already know: vulnerability is always relatable.

According to Bryan, everything they do at Indeed is driven by data. The culture there is to fruitfully fail so to speak, learn by breaking, iterate, and move quickly toward fostering successful employer brand conversations. This is the best way to ensure that what’s behind the curtain never needs to be screened away in the first place.

Enjoy this week’s episode, and if you have any questions about how EveryoneSocial can help your company activate employer brand strategies, talent attraction, and employee experience storytelling, then don’t hesitate to reach out to the Bitecast host: cbrain@everyonesocial.com, @cameronbrain.


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