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Right now it’s absolutely a candidate-driven market, meaning companies must prioritize employer branding to attract and retain.

The hiring market flip flops every decade or so between candidate driven and company driven according to Bryan Chaney, Talent Branding and Attraction Strategist at Indeed.

Where are we now, and what are the indicators of this market axis shift?

In this week’s Bitecast, Bryan sits down and chats with Cameron on how employer branding leverages a candidate-driven market.

The scope of Bryan’s role is broad. Technically within HR, his goal is to get people aware and interested in working at Indeed.

Employee advocacy dovetails with attraction strategy because showcasing who Indeed is and what they care about will drive the short-term goal of conversion and the long-term goal of employer branding. Internal and external brand ambassadors use EveryoneSocial to achieve these objectives in ways that you really just have to listen to the video below to find out how!