Social Media Holidays to Add to Your Content Calendar

Desiree Tizon

Sr. Social Media Manager

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Social media holidays are an important part of companies’ social media strategies today.

It’s why you’ll see some of the world’s top brands posting about everything from International Women’s Day to National Coffee Day — even when they’re not in the business of roasting beans and making lattes.

That’s because social media holidays give brands the opportunity to have a little fun, showcase their culture, take advantage of trending hashtags, and get more eyes on their content.


What Are Social Media Holidays?

Social media holidays, or “hashtag holidays,” are special days that celebrate a particular cause, object, person — or anything really.

They’re typically not official holidays like Independence Day or Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, and brands often create “establish” them to promote an important cause or highlight their own offerings.

IHOP, for example, gives away short stacks of pancakes on National Pancake Day, a holiday it’s trademarked.

And when outdoorsy cat brand Adventure Cats teamed up with Purina for a cat hike through Central Park, they launched National Take Your Cat on an Adventure Day, which is celebrated on June 16.

Your company can certainly declare its own special day, but one of the best ways to gain traction on channels like LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter is to recognize well-known social media holidays. These days are often already associated with popular hashtags, such as #InternationalDanceDay, so your brand can easily join the conversation.

That’s why we put together this calendar of some of the most popular social media holidays your organization can celebrate this year.

Take a sneak peek at June 👇, which features two of our favorite social media holidays: National Doughnut Day 🍩 and Hug Your Cat Day! 🤗🐈


Download it here, share it with your social media or marketing team, and get these days on your content calendar.


Increase Your Reach on Social Media Holidays — and Every Day

While social media holidays are only a small part of your brand’s social media strategy, they can be an effective one. After all, they’re fun, they get people talking, and there’s often a trending hashtag you can include in your posts.

But if you want to ensure your company content reaches potential customers, job candidates, and more, you need to equip your brand’s best influencers — your employees — with the tools they need to easily access and share that content.

Enter EveryoneSocial.

Our employee influencer platform is designed to get your people creating, sharing, and engaging with the kind of content you want the world to see.

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