Employee Engagement Articles That Will Help Your Company

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Employee Engagement Articles

Whether your company is small or enterprise-level, improving employee engagement has a positive impact in all areas of organizations. 

From improving employer and employee relationships, improving employee satisfaction, retaining employees and attracting new top talent, increasing productivity, and more.

To help you navigate improving this area (especially as more teams are working remotely), I put together some of the best employee engagement articles that will guide you and your org in the right direction. 


Employee Engagement Articles For Beginners

As remote work has shifted priorities and created an even greater need for employee engagement, you might be unsure where to start.

If you are just starting to learn or want to familiarize yourself further with the basics, these employee engagement articles are for you. 

Below is a short summary of each article and when you click a topic, will open up the content into a new browser window. Enjoy! 


Why Is Employee Engagement Important? Everything You Need to Know

Unsure of what employee engagement actually means? Have no clue as to why this concept is important for organizations and the workplace? This entire employee engagement article covers all the basics you need to become proficient in engagement in the workplace. 


Who Drives Employee Engagement in an Organization?

When it comes to your company, who is ultimately responsible for improving employee engagement and driving results? You might be surprised at who and why it goes beyond your company leaders. 


28 Employee Engagement Statistics Your Company Needs to Know

Understanding the value of employee engagement and impact on companies is further enhanced with statistics and data. There are plenty of data points around engagement, but this article covers some of the most valuable ones you should know. 


The Employee Engagement Activities That Everyone Thinks Are True

Now that you have a solid foundation of employee engagement, there are also some activities that are not exactly entirely true, but being used as facts. These are common employee engagement activities utilized, but generally aren’t enough alone to build long-lasting results. 


Employee Engagement Articles For Strategy Tips

Maybe you just read the beginner articles in the previous section and are ready for more. Or maybe you already are pretty advanced and looking for more strategy and in-depth tips.

The employee engagement articles in this section will cover more than the basics and help you think more strategically to boost overall engagement at your organization. 

Below is a short summary of each article and when you click a topic, will open up the content into a new browser window. Enjoy! 


Employee engagement strategy: all you need to know

Ready to go beyond some basics for your employee engagement strategy? This article by Jostle has everything you need to start thinking further about keeping your teams connected and engaged. 


59 Awesome Employee Engagement Ideas & Activities For 2021

Besides building a strategy, there are other ideas you can implement that will help your organization generate more authentic results. And 2020 has been a weird and tough year with Covid-19, which means what works with employee engagement is shifting. 


6 Unexpected Ways to Boost Employee Engagement at Your Company

There’s lots of ideas and tips for better employee engagement. But there are a few you might not be thinking about and are unexpected ways to drive more results. 


Why Safety and Stability are Important Foundations for Employee Engagement

Ready for some suggestions on how organizations can strengthen a sense of safety and stability for their employees and providing the foundations they need to become fully engaged? This article is for you!


A Guide to Managing Your (Newly) Remote Workers

Management and employee engagement is shifting big-time with remote work and even more so recently with the pandemic in 2020. So how can you manage and improve engagement of those employees who may never have worked remotely before? 


Employee Engagement Platforms To Utilize At Your Company 

Hopefully, the above employee engagement articles and resources help you better understand the value it can bring to your organization. 

Engagement drives results in pretty much every area of the business and the digital workplace is changing how your company better connects with employees. 

Beyond creating a strategy and utilizing unique campaigns, there various platforms that can be used to enhance employee engagement. These tools should be looked as a complement to any strategy and efforts as no platform will magically solve engagement challenges alone. 




Employee advocacy programs have such a profound impact on the entire business, with one area being employee engagement.

Not only does the platform make it easy for employees to be informed about the company, but even helps get them involved in content curation, creation, and sharing. 

In a time when the digital workplace is everything and remote work is growing, this becomes the central location for all employees to stay connected. You can learn more about EveryoneSocial here

There are many enterprise organizations utilizing EveryoneSocial to drive more awareness on the latest company happenings, hiring, culture, diversity, and allowing their employees to share their knowledge internally. 




The platform Lattice falls into the employee engagement and performance management categories, but can be an essential tool to better engage your teams. If you are unfamiliar with the product, I’ll provide a short overview. 

Lattice transforms how companies approach people strategy by connecting performance management, employee engagement and employee development in one unified solution. 

With the platform you can understand engagement and listen to feedback from your people, career advancement goals, company culture analytics, set individual and team goals, schedule meetings with employees, establish employee recognition, prioritize work and tasks. Learn more about Lattice here


Culture Amp 

Culture Amp

Another interesting workplace software is the pure employee engagement platform called Culture Amp. This platform has quickly grown in popularity and trusted by organizations like AirBnb, Yelp, Oracle, Slack, and others. 

So what is Culture Amp all about? 

The product includes features to collect and understand your employee engagement data, improve employee retention efforts, surveys and feedback to ensure employees feel informed and help navigate change, diversity and inclusion features, understanding growth and rapid changes, and more. 

Naturally, I’m only scratching the surface of the product capabilities, but you can learn more about Culture Amp here

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