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How has marketing changed over the past five years?

Tune in to this week’s Bitecast to hear Marta DeBellis the CMO of Instructure share both her hindsight and foresight on the evolution of marketing.

Goes without saying, the change has been digital, with an increasingly specific technology stack to automate previously cumbersome tasks. According to Marta, this necessitates a prioritization of talent based marketers, rather than the antecedent of focusing on managing an ever changing demand funnel.

As with any digital transformation comes greater efficiency, but what are the downsides? Marta emphasizes the timeless importance of “the art” of marketing, despite the “science” of increasingly powerful digital engagement tools.

And what would a discussion about the current state and future of marketing be without touching upon social media?

Listen to the end of the conversation to catch Marta’s insistence on why engagement across all employees and everything you do is the new imperative. And why bringing your social influencers eye-to-eye with your employees in the same platform is the best way to expand the pulse of your audience.