Welcome to EveryoneSocial’s Bitecast! Before we dive into the great content below, I want to briefly explain what the Bitecast is all about.

While we all love great video interviews and podcasts, we’ve found that the content is often too long. We all have busy work lives and often want the takeaway nugget upfront.

This is why the EveryoneSocial Bitecast exists. Every week, we deliver an informative and educational piece of media in a short and bite-sized format.


Take risks, make glaring statements, and get more provocative.

What should marketers really be thinking about right now? What’s working well for marketers in the digital transformation? And what’s on the horizon?

Becky Carr, CMO of Masergy, is back on the Bitecast for a second episode to talk with Cameron about content that leaps beyond the white noise of white papers.

Specific to B2B technology, it’s all about good content, especially with lead gen. According to Becky, we need to get more provocative — we’re writing for people who want storytelling, not just in-depth reports.

Providing the right tech stack, it’s an equally playing field, so the attention will depend on how compelling your content is.

But what is meant by being more provocative? Take some risks, make some glaring statements. “Your next hire should be a chat bot” for example — get peoples’ attention without digressing into hyperbole, and then go in depth!

What are the biggest challenges to being provocative in a small company, or a large organization? How do you nudge your team to think along these more daring and aggressive approaches? Prove it out. Show the engagement results on social media using an employee advocacy platform.

Enjoy this week’s episode, and if you have any questions about how EveryoneSocial can help your company break through the white noise of social media, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Bitecast host: cbrain@everyonesocial.com, @cameronbrain.