30% of CEOs Still Aren’t on Social Media

Laura Moss

Manager of Content Marketing

1 minute read

How many of your employees are already on social?

It doesn’t surprise us that more than half of Fortune 100 CEOs are on either LinkedIn or X/Twitter.

What surprises us is that 30% of CEOs aren’t on social at all, according to a recent H/Advisors report.

What a missed opportunity. 🤦🏻‍♀️

One that puts their organizations at a serious disadvantage. 😬

Executives are the ultimate advocates for their companies, and the benefits their social activity can garner are enormous. Just take a look:

  • 76% of senior executives believe that having a CEO on social media gives the brand more credibility.
  • 77% of consumers prefer to make purchases from a company where executives are active on social media.
  • 80% of employees say they’d rather work for a CEO who engages with people on social media.
  • 43% of execs with socially active CEOs say their company’s leaders are inspiring, compared with only 26% whose CEOs don’t use social.
  • 86% of executives with a social CEO leading the company describe that CEO as “open and honest.”

Plus, senior leadership buy-in is incredibly beneficial for internal adoption of your advocacy program.

But even execs who are on social might not post regularly or engage with their audiences.

In fact, 52% of CEOs’ LinkedIn profiles aren’t optimized for discovery! 😮

If your organization’s leaders aren’t active on social yet, or if they need a little help, check out our revamped guide to activating execs on social.


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