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LinkedIn Company Page


Start Building Your Personal Brand Today.

LinkedIn has proven to be one of the strongest social platforms for B2B companies and without question the network-website is a place where all professionals and organizations should be present. 

It’s hard to ignore the impact that LinkedIn is having on brand awareness, marketing, and sales, not to mention the sheer number of platform users which is approaching 700 million as of now.

And while you should be active on the platform for your own professional advantage, you also cannot neglect your brand’s LinkedIn company page either.

Below in this piece, I’m going to explain in more detail about LinkedIn pages and tips to help improve your company following, brand visibility, and social engagement.  


LinkedIn Company Pages

Back in late 2018, LinkedIn announced their new LinkedIn Pages – which put more emphasis on ways to build a community around your brand on the platform. I won’t go into all the details of the changes made back then, but you can read their full announcement from 2018 here

But the goal of LinkedIn Company Pages is to provide a way for your organization to stand out and be a central place for your customers, fans, and employees to stay connected, learn, and discover more about your organization, services, or products. 

And while social posts and content from individual profiles tend to have a better reach and are favored by the algorithms, it doesn’t mean your organization’s LinkedIn Page should be ignored or neglected either. 

Instead, your company should be using an employee advocacy program to help amplify your brand but still be extremely active on the company profile page. 

And even though you may see content perform and reach more via your employee advocates, you want to ensure a strong impression when they inevitably visit your LinkedIn company page. 

Tips to Maximize Your LinkedIn Company Page

If you aren’t a Fortune 500 company or a unicorn startup, growing your LinkedIn company page following and social engagement can be tough. 

Brands tend to have a more difficult time connecting with audiences and building trust around their pages. This is mostly because branded accounts can be boring, overly promotional, or lack any real value that is worth following and engaging with. 

Your company page can come off as obligatory, anonymous, or feel like an empty lobby to an office building – who wants to hang out there? Knowing these risks, it’s important to stand out and maximize your company page on LinkedIn.

As you activate employees to share content via LinkedIn, it’s important to build a community around your company page as well. By doing so, you’ll improve your organic reach, build more trust and credibility, improve marketing and sales, help attract top talent, and more.

It’s why your company’s LinkedIn Page will need to be in top shape! But what can you do to improve your LinkedIn Company Page this year? Below are some of our proven tips. 


1. Be Detailed And Creative on Your Company Profile Info 

With LinkedIn’s Pages, your company has a plethora of options to showcase and inform your audiences of what your brand is all about. Too often, organization’s take the lazy approach when it comes to their LinkedIn Company Page and do not take advantage of all the profile options. 

And surprisingly, there are many businesses who do not even claim their company page at all!

Your company’s profile should not read like you spent 30 seconds filling out the info. Put some creativity behind it, be unique in your messaging, be interesting and informative, and really help people understand why your company does, but also the tone and values you stand for. 

This means:

  • Having an eye-catching LinkedIn page banner image
  • Have a interesting tagline message
  • Use a CTA button and link to a landing page or homepage
  • Fill out the About Page in detail and the other key fields in the company info
  • List your specialities and select relevant hashtags
  • If you have a budget, you can take advantage of the “Life” option which shows off your work culture, jobs, and employees. This acts as your career page area and is huge for employer brand and boosting recruiting efforts.
  • Use your industry keywords on your page, LinkedIn is crawled by search engines and can improve organic results too. 

Ensure your profile tells the brand story, provides value, and gives people a reason to follow your organization’s company page. 


2. Post Unique Content Regularly

Well duh, right? 

If you want to generate more company page followers, increase social engagement, and generate leads from this channel — you’ll have to post quality content on a regular basis that is seen. 

But what does unique and quality content exactly mean? Well every business is unique and the audiences you may want to attract will be as well. This means, your social media, marketing, and organizational leaders should understand what kind of brand sentiment your company page on LinkedIn will convey. 

Most will use their LinkedIn Company Page as a marketing and brand tool, others will focus more on the employer brand and employee experience side, and others will mix it all in. 

There is no exact formula for your success in content, but your cadence should be more thought out than just posting blog links daily or sporadically posting every other week or month. Find a consistent posting strategy that works and when you have some educational, interesting, or unique content to share. 

Besides posting content regularly, the real tip here is mixing up the medium and not being afraid to test new ideas. Blog posts are okay with context, but use other forms like native video, images, documents and presentations, text-only, etc. You’ll start to see what resonates and gets the most engagement. 

Additionally, find ways to be creative that will get your audience and new audiences attention. Don’t always follow the traditional social media playbooks or what your competitors are doing. 

Note: It’s important to keep your brand look and feel consistent. Even when testing something new, ensure it still fits your brand — like the tone of the copy, colors of your brand, and how your creative is presented. Helps keep your brand recognizable, even if you do test ideas out. 


3. Use Employee Advocacy to Amplify Company Posts

While an employee advocacy platform like EveryoneSocial is a great way to harness employees in one central location to digest, create, and share content — your company can also use it to amplify your company LinkedIn page too. 

Besides the obvious benefits of employees sharing and creating with their networks, your organization can drive attention to specific LinkedIn company posts too. 

For example, let’s say you have something cool like a video or unique content you want to amplify. Beyond employees sharing that message, in EveryoneSocial you can share LinkedIn updates within the platform for employees to “Engage” with. By doing this, it makes it easy for your team to quickly go to the LinkedIn update and like, reshare, or comment on it. 

This can have a huge impact on ensuring company followers are seeing the post, drive further engagement, increase more company followers, and even trend in hashtags for more visibility. Here’s an example of how we use our own platform to do this and how we amplified a post of ours. 

By having our team comment and like, more of our company followers saw the post and it began trending in hashtags. And our client NTT Data, also included it in their EveryoneSocial account, amplifying results further. 

EveryoneSocial Engage
EveryoneSocial’s “Engage”
LinkedIn Post Results
LinkedIn post results via the help of “engage”

And we aren’t a fortune 500 company, imagine having a few hundred or thousand employees helping engage with a LinkedIn post.

What’s cool is you can use this to welcome new hires and have your team connect with them, encourage employees to follow your company page, or feature other social networks where you want employees to engage with the content too (like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc.)


4. LinkedIn Page Analytics 

As you may know, LinkedIn Page’s offer some analytics about your company profile and audience interactions. You have general analytics for your overall page and you can see individual post analytics as well. 

LinkedIn Page Analytics
LinkedIn Page Analytics
LinkedIn Post Analytics
LinkedIn Post Analytics

Another aspect that LinkedIn recently added is the ability to see who your company page followers are, instead of just the total number. Now, you can see what people are following you and if you are attracting your target demographic. 

But the reason why the analytics matter is it helps you maximize your posting schedule and what type of content your company is posting. You can see which posts are getting the most engagement and results and this helps guide your content to ensure you are getting the best results possible. 

It’s also a great way to test the creative or content and see why people are connecting with it (or not) before spending more time and resources into doing more. 

While the analytics from your company page are not the most robust or detailed, there is enough there about your demographics and post results that can improve your company page and further build your community. 


5. Use Hashtags Wisely

Many brands create their own hashtags to showcase their employee advocates or the work life at the organization. It’s also a great option to use on LinkedIn Company Page updates, to build more awareness around your brand.  

One that is really cool is #AdobeLife where you can follow along with the cool stuff from Adobe employees and work culture initiatives. 

However beyond creating your own company hashtag or for campaign initiatives, you should be utilizing hashtags in your industry. LinkedIn only recently rolled hashtags where people can follow, but it’s important you analyze those in your industry and use them strategically in your LinkedIn company posts. 

Besides being a way for new audiences to discover content, it can be a lucrative way to draw attention to your brand and company page.

For example, look at the amount of hashtag followers on some of these (as of writing this post):

  • #SocialMedia – 16,000,000+
  • #MarketingStrategy – 70,000+
  • #SocialSelling – 31,000+
  • #InternalCommunications – 10,000+

By using hashtags, more people can discover your content and company page. And if your posts are really good and get decent engagement, can even trend in the hashtags for periods of time — keeping them at the top of that specific hashtags feed. 

Not every hashtag will have thousands or millions of followers, but ones with a few hundred can still expose your content and brand to more people consistently — which also boosts your company page followers, leads, traffic, and brand awareness. 


Best LinkedIn Company Page Examples

Now that you have some tips to help improve your organizations’ LinkedIn company page, maybe you need some further inspiration. You probably are following a few brands you think are mastering their LinkedIn page, but below are some of our favorites.










American Family Insurance


What’s unique about all of these company LinkedIn Pages?

Well a few things:

  • Complete profile information. It’s easier to learn about all the basics of the company and more.
  • Using most or all of the profile options provided by LinkedIn. Like profile banners, CTA, headline, “Life” section, jobs, etc. 
  • Visually appealing that conveys their mission or brand tone.
  • Creativity in what is posted and shared.
  • Content is unique, interesting, informative, and blends in more than just posting generic blog post links. 
  • Shows any industry can win with their page on LinkedIn. You have B2B, B2C, and SaaS — plus industries like insurance, sales, clothing, software, etc. 

But do you know what else has helped these brands grow their profile pages? Their employees! 

When companies invest in their people, give them opportunities to create and share, and provide their employee experience value – employee activation extends the reach and trust of the brand. 

When you search these companies, you’ll easily notice that employees are amplifying their company’s social posts or content, talking about their work and insights, and providing value to their networks. 

People not only want to connect with your employees, but employees sharing their experience ultimately drives more interest into the company they work for as well. This is the basic premise of employer brand, and why it begins with employee advocacy.

Drift did this extremely well in the early days. Not only did they have a great product that was a disrupter, but the team used an engaging LinkedIn Company Page strategy and elevated messages via their employees. And it came naturally to employees, who were stoked on the culture and product. 

So the question to you, is your organization REALLY maximizing your company LinkedIn page like it should?

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