Rockstar of the Month: Emma Lomax-Cohen

Jennifer de Regt

Sr. Customer Marketer

4 minute read

March, 2022

As usual, our Rockstar of the Month is pretty amazing.

Meet Emma Lomax-Cohen, our March Rockstar! Emma is a marketing associate at Reify Health and was originally hired to grow its Social Media and Talent Brand program.

And she simply knocked it out of the park!

Lindsey Keith, Emma’s colleague, cheerleader, and co-admin, told us that Emma was able to help Reify Health exceed its program campaign goals, increasing its reach by more than 3,000% and shares by more than 11,000%. 

How exactly did Emma achieve this?

There are many reasons, but a couple important ones were that Emma:

  • Created an onboarding process that was easy and enticing for employees
  • Established and continues to maintain excellent relationships with leadership

Absolutely incredible. As many of our customers know, launching an employee influencer program is no simple task, but one that is certainly worthy of the effort!


Q&A with Emma Lomax-Cohen

We love learning about our customers and hearing their stories, so we asked Emma to share more about her employee advocacy experience.


EveryoneSocial: Did you know what employee advocacy was before EveryoneSocial was introduced at your organization?

Yes, I knew about employee advocacy but didn’t know how well the data could be tracked until implementing EveryoneSocial. Also, I never imagined all the fun ways we could encourage employees to get involved!


ES: How did you feel about getting involved in Reify Health’s employee advocacy efforts?

I was hired to grow the Social Media and Talent Brand program at Reify, and EveryoneSocial was the perfect — and, in hindsight, quite obvious — next step needed in our journey!


ES: What’s been your most successful and/or favorite post or share so far?

The Reifam (employees at Reify aka “Reify Family”) have been doing a tremendous job sharing and engaging with content on EveryoneSocial so far!

Reify Health example social post.

Our employees (Reifam) seem to gravitate toward content around company updates.

Reify Health social post example from the CEO.

The most successful to date are around the launch of our new BRIDGE initiative and Series D funding.


ES: What do you enjoy most about participating in your organization’s program?

I love how easy EveryoneSocial makes it to post externally. I save so much time using the tool rather than opening a million windows, logging on, and posting manually.


ES: What do you enjoy most about using EveryoneSocial?

I love tracking and analyzing our content from the backend to see how well different pieces perform. I also love the ability to meet new employees through the program and get them up to speed!

(Plus, my implementation process was SEAMLESS. The EveryoneSocial team made the entire onboarding experience very enjoyable!)


We’re so glad you enjoy using our platform and are thrilled to hear how helpful it’s been for your “ReiFam” to share awesome content and initiatives.

Congratulations, Emma, for a job very well done! Keep up the great work!


Keep on Rockin’

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