Rockstar of the Month: Sallie Funderburk

Jennifer de Regt

Sr. Customer Marketer

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February, 2022

February may be the shortest month of the year, but man, was it jam-packed with goodness for our Rockstar of the Month, Sallie Funderburk!

Sallie is Honeywell’s senior digital marketing specialist, and one of her responsibilities is to lead her business unit’s employee influencer program.

This is no simple task for anyone, but Sallie has shown perseverance in its truest form.

Sallie follows best practices and, more importantly, leads by example. She also established and maintains excellent working relationships with key leaders, helping them become active, successful participants in Honeywell’s employee influencer program, which is one of the — if not the — most important elements to success.

Darcy Schild, Honeywell’s primary program admin, shared examples of just how successful Sallie’s work with her leaders has been:

  • This post by the president and CEO of Sallie’s business line was the most clicked-on post in the past two months with more than 1,300 clicks. Plus, it topped the charts as the #3 most-engaged as well.
  • Posts like this and this helped another leader in her business also receive top engagement and clicks.

Thanks to Sallie’s dedication, her business unit program is thriving.

So, what does Sallie have to say about it all? Keep reading to find out!


Q&A with Sallie Funderburk

We love learning about our customers and hearing their stories, so we asked Sallie to share more about her employee advocacy experience.


EveryoneSocial: Did you know what employee advocacy was before EveryoneSocial was introduced at your organization?


Before I joined Honeywell, I didn’t have any experience using an employee advocacy tool. With EveryoneSocial, I quickly learned how important this type of platform is, especially when it comes to increasing brand awareness via our own team members and their networks.

With so much exciting news happening at Honeywell, it’s also a great channel to streamline announcements. As the social media lead for one of Honeywell’s business units, it’s important for me to keep up with everything going on with our technologies and solutions.

Not only has EveryoneSocial kept me even more in-the-know with our brand but it’s also become a collaborative and community-driven resource for our team.


ES: How did you feel about getting involved in Honeywell’s employee advocacy efforts?


I saw the value in EveryoneSocial from the beginning of my time at Honeywell, so I have not had any hesitations!

Since it’s such a user-friendly tool, it’s been great to see our executive leaders and team members participating. We’ve seen steady channel growth month over month.

It’s funny to also hear how competitive many of my team members are when it comes to climbing the leaderboard. There’s nothing like a little friendly competition!


ES: What’s been your most successful and/or favorite post or share so far?


The most shared or engaged posts tend to have a focus on environmental and social outcomes — from next-generation battery cells to advanced recycling.

Some of our senior leaders and executives promote their own video series, exciting strategic partnerships, and developments in sustainable technologies.

Here is an example of how passionate our team members are for our sustainability efforts:


ES: What do you enjoy most about participating in your organization’s program?


As a digital marketer, it’s been interesting to see how EveryoneSocial has been critical in our overall marketing strategy.

When it comes to historic announcements, like when our Ecofining™ technology helped power a United Airlines flight with 100% sustainable aviation fuel, we evaluate which expert will post the news on EveryoneSocial and which channel it’s most appropriate for. Then we mark it as “important” so that all employees receive an email, ultimately encouraging team members to share [the post] to their own social networks. We’ve got it down to a system now!


ES: What do you enjoy most about using EveryoneSocial?


Since Honeywell is a global company, it’s nice to see how participants and posts are coming in from all over the world. It brings our team members closer together in a way, no matter the location or time zone.


We’re so glad you enjoy using our platform and are thrilled to hear how helpful it’s been for your team to share awesome content and initiatives with fellow Honeywell employees and beyond.

Congratulations, Sallie, for a job very well done! Keep up the great work!


Keep on Rockin’

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