7 Social Selling Tools Your Team Should Utilize This Year

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How many of your employees are already on social?

For companies that want to drive efficiency for sales, investing in social selling tools is key to saving time and effort.

Social selling is growing more useful than ever, especially for remote sales teams. Those companies and teams that embrace it are finding themselves ahead of the competition. 

According to a study from the Aberdeen Group, 73% of salespeople using social selling as part of their sales process outperformed their sales peers and exceeded quota 23% more often. 

With so many products and platforms available, how do you decide which tools to use and integrate into your sales process?

Here is a list of the top social selling tools to help your teams and increase the effectiveness of your sales strategy today. 


1. Hubspot

Hubspot is a great CRM tool to track, organize, and engage with leads from social selling efforts. 

It offers detailed insights on how potential customers are learning about your brand and where they are in the buying process. 

All of your lead and deal contact information is managed in one database which can help with social selling automation and time-saving.

Sales and marketing can also use the platform to monitor what website content or resources a lead is most interested in. That information can then be used to tailor social selling content to attract better leads.

Hubspot’s deal tracking makes it easy for sales teams to monitor target accounts and categories that are gaining traction. 

Easy access to knowing when accounts are coming up for renewal helps sales teams know where to focus relationship management on social.

Hubspot social selling tool

2. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

For B2B social selling, LinkedIn is one of the top social networking platforms to use. And the LinkedIn Sales Navigator feature is very useful for sales teams for prospecting and gaining insights about buyers.

The tool allows users to find and target the most relevant prospects and recommends the right people to connect with at target accounts.

Leads can be saved and segmented into custom lists to stay organized and on track. This is a great feature to track progress on social selling efforts 

Alerts make it easy to stay up-to-date on any company or job updates which can help social sellers know when it is best and most effective to reach out.

It also easily integrates with most CRM tools so that leads LinkedIn activity can be included in relationship management updates.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator social selling tool

3. EveryoneSocial 

Social selling works best when you actively share content to social networks and engage with communities online. It’s really about relationship building – not just pitching products. 

The EveryoneSocial platform is a top social selling tool that can save teams time on knowing what to post and getting content to the most relevant social platforms.

With just a few clicks, users can post industry news, company updates, and user-generated content to social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. 

Sales and marketing teams use the platform to automate content organization, quickly access materials to share to their networks, and schedule posts ahead of time. 

Teams can collaborate on social campaigns and give feedback on how to optimize copy and messaging which will make any social selling more effective.

EveryoneSocial also helps improve social selling efforts through social listening. You can monitor conversations about your brand or industry by linking up RSS feeds, keywords, and Twitter accounts. 

This allows social sellers to quickly find relevant conversations on social and join in with comments or recommended content. 

The analytics and reporting tools in EveryoneSocial also help evaluate and improve social selling performance.

When salespeople can see what content gets the most engagement, clicks, or shares, they can use that information to hone in on what works best in attracting leads and building relationships on social.

EveryoneSocial Social Selling Tool
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4. Vidyard

Many sales teams are integrating video into their sales process, and Vidyard is a strong social selling tool for video creation, management, and analysis.

Personalized video enhances prospecting and social selling efforts with a chance for higher response rates than email or messages.

Whether it’s a selfie video or recording your screen for a product demo, the Vidyard tool simplifies the editing and sharing process.

Sales teams can also track and monitor video interactions and get notified when someone views the content shared through Vidyard. 

Integrations can pull the video analytics into your CRM dashboards and help teams evaluate the ROI of video.

Vidyard's social selling tool

5. Outreach

For sales engagement and cadence optimization, Outreach is a highly recommended social selling tool.

Outreach automates much of the data entry and repetitive tasks involved with tracking sales engagements. 

All calls, emails, social engagements, and meetings with prospects are automatically tracked. The platform provides notifications and reminders for when to connect or follow-up with leads.

Taking out a lot of the manual steps in the sales process frees up time for social sellers to engage more with prospects and build relationships.

Outreach makes scaling and repeating the sales process more effective and is useful for growing sales organizations that are heavily involved with social selling across many platforms. 

Outreach Social Selling Tool

6. Discoverly

Want to know more about what your prospects are doing on social media? Discoverly connects the dots by giving contextual social media information about individual users. 

The platform gives you access to see if you have any shared Facebook friends or followers on Twitter. 

You can also view recent social posts and determine if you have shared similar content.  This helps with understanding what content they would be interested in seeing and how to strike up more personalized and meaningful conversations.

Finding common interests or connections, boosts your chances of developing relationships with prospects and yield more effective leads.

Discoverly offers research for prospecting that is helpful to drive relationship building for social selling.

Discoverly Social Selling Tool

7. Brandwatch

Social listening is an important part of the sales process and understanding buyers, and Brandwatch offers a comprehensive social selling tool for market research and social monitoring.

Brandwatch tracks conversations across social platforms, websites, and blogs to deliver insights on brand sentiment, consumer trends, and market opportunities.

All of that data can be leveraged in social selling by providing teams access to real-time conversations around brands and competitors and insight into what content is most popular for them. 

Sales teams can use that audience information to tailor content to target audiences and appeal to their passions and interests.

Brandwatch Social Selling Tool

Final Thoughts

Social selling has been proven to grow sales pipelines, generate more leads, and close more deals. Check out these statistics for more proof of the value of social selling!

So it makes sense to equip your teams with the tools they need to improve sales efforts and drive social selling strategy.

And the benefits of social selling aren’t just limited to your sales teams. Marketing, communications, and HR can all contribute to winning deals by acting as employee advocates.

Each of these platforms provides help with a piece of the ever-changing sales puzzle and gives your teams more opportunities to succeed.


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