How Televerde Empowers Incarcerated Women Professionally Via Social Selling

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Director of Marketing

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Televerde Social Selling.

One of the great benefits of working at EveryoneSocial, is working with some truly amazing companies. Each has their own unique story, strategies, and reasons for focusing on social media and employee advocacy.

Televerde’s unique business model is not only financially successful but is also built around an amazing mission that provides skills, education, and job opportunities to women in, and after, incarceration.  

While I’m sure the title of this post might have grabbed your attention, I’m going to share a bit more about their business and partnership with EveryoneSocial too.

Below, you’ll find the main sections of this article that you can jump to:


Who is Televerde?

Televerde is a global company that helps B2B organizations accelerate their demand generation and sales pipeline. The company achieves this through a combination of strategic data solutions, marketing technology and highly skilled sales professionals.

They generate revenue for B2B clients like SAP, Microsoft, Adobe/Marketo, InsideView, and many more. And they do this with a very focused mission: to provide education, skills, and jobs to incarcerated women.

To accomplish this, Televerde employs over 400 women at five contact centers in the Arizona Department of Corrections and Indiana Department of Correction.

Now, you might be a bit more curious at this point, so I’ll share more about their social mission of providing opportunities to incarcerated women both professionally and personally.


Televerde’s Unique Mission

The company is built on second chances and putting people first.

What is empowering about Televerde is they provide sales training, education, and jobs for  incarcerated women and after they “graduate” (are released from prison).

Regardless of their past, they can develop marketable skills and have professional and rewarding career opportunities for their future.

The organization’s business model couldn’t work without the support of the Department of Corrections at Perryville in Arizona and at Rockville in Indiana.

Together, they are showing how business and government can work together to deliver better outcomes and solve some of the most pressing societal issues facing us today such as mass incarceration, recidivism and drug addiction.

“25% of graduates continue to work at the Televerde corporate office after they’re released from prison.”

Televerde — with the help of the Arouet Foundation — offers continued support, resources and a network of successful graduates to help these women learn how to transition back into society, address challenges, form meaningful relationships, go on to higher education, and strengthen confidence in themselves to reach their goals.


If you are interested in learning more about Televerde’s business model, mission, or have other questions, definitely check out their website here to learn more.


How Televerde Runs A Social Program with Incarcerated Women

The landscape in which buyers are looking for products and solutions is ever-changing. Buyers access more information from social networks before they even reach out to a company to speak with a sales rep.

Additionally, people don’t answer phone calls nearly as much these days, so calling efforts can oftentimes be in vain.

Televerde saw the opportunity within these changes and were determined to create a new way to include the women working inside of Perryville.

So, the company provided the tools and technology to train the agents and improve their sales skills within the evolving sales landscape to better ensure the best results for their clients.


Televerde Adopts A Social Selling Platform

Recognizing the need for social media and social selling — plus helping their agents build a professional online presence — Televerde adopted EveryoneSocial for both corporate agents and for the team of women selected at Perryville.

One challenge needing to be addressed at the start was to ensure compliance with the Department of Corrections in each location where these women would have access.

Our team worked with Televerde to provide a compliant version of our platform that would allow this social program to stay in the confines of the required policies and processes.

To do this, we made some customizations for the Televerde team. Here is just a snippet of what we did and how it helped.

  • Televerde is able to restrict and modify correspondence and content copy.
  • The option to create personal streams was removed, which eliminated the possibility of the team communicating with people outside of the scope of the business.
  • These changes allowed the agents to access this tool while at their workstation.

Lastly, the women are then vetted to ensure they are a great fit to be a part of the social program. Televerde bases this on:

  • Skill-set needed to execute the client campaign;
  • The responsibilities required to achieve client goals
  • And any previous experience with the client’s industry or technology.

From there, the corporate team provided training and access to EveryoneSocial so they could use the tool to achieve campaign goals.  

“Partnering with EveryoneSocial allowed us to engage in a couple of the key components of social selling, which is building your professional brand and sharing relevant content to your prospects. They are also able to increase the brand awareness and reach for their clients. Because of the controlled environment that was created, the agents are able to share branded content, thought leadership and personal content. This enables them to have a robust social presence on LinkedIn and Twitter.” — Alexis Simontacchi, Associate Product Manager at Televerde

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The Benefits of Televerde’s Social Selling Program

As with any employee advocacy or social selling program, the benefits should be mutual for both sides—for the employees who are participating and sharing, as well as the impact it has on an organization’s brand and business.

The Perryville women are extremely receptive to continuous learning. This social selling initiative has been educational and another sales skill set they can master.

But it’s also necessary in today’s tech world to help them build a personal brand and create a broad social network that they can tap into after they are released.

Because of Televerde’s agents enabled within EveryoneSocial, their clients have had an influx of website traffic, as well as social engagement attributions from shares, and all the social sharing of relevant branded and thought leadership content has consistently improved their client’s online presence.

Some Data Around Televerde’s Social Selling Program:

Since starting this social selling program, 31 women rely on EveryoneSocial to reach their prospects.

From the women, more than 600 unique articles have been shared, overall network growth has grown by nearly 60%, and Televerde’s program has driven almost 200 additional clicks to client websites in a short period of time.

This is just the start of their program, which will continue to increase over the coming months. I know we are looking forward to learning more and seeing the results of their expansion!


Want to learn more about partnering with EveryoneSocial and leveraging the leading employee advocacy and social selling platform? Schedule your demo with our team.


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