Rockstar of the Month: Tommy Benning

Jennifer de Regt

Sr. Customer Marketer

4 minute read

May, 2022

Here at EveryoneSocial, we’re celebrating more than our favorite time of the year — we’ve also got our 7th Rockstar of the Month to cheers!

Meet Tommy Benning, SMB/Commercial Sales Manager at Highspot.

Tommy was nominated because he’s an advocate for advocacy and a social superstar. Here’s what his colleague Sarah Yhann had to say about why she nominated him as a Rockstar:

  • He set the standard for what great social selling looks like at Highspot and beyond.
  • He has the most shares, clicks, and engagements of anyone in the whole program since its launch.
  • He’s a great example of what an employee influencer can be.

Absolutely inspiring.

So, what does Tommy have to say about it all? Keep reading to find out.


Q&A with Tommy Benning

We love learning about our customers and hearing their stories, so we asked Tommy to share more about his employee advocacy experience.


EveryoneSocial: Did you know what employee advocacy was before EveryoneSocial was introduced at your organization?

I knew what employee advocacy was prior to EveryoneSocial, but I didn’t realize how easy EveryoneSocial made it for employees to share content with other employees rather than just relying solely on marketing to create and approve employee advocacy content.

It’s great to see that employee advocacy extends a voice to all employees to amplify the great things about their company that can help drive customers and future employees.


ES: How did you feel about getting involved in Highspot’s employee advocacy efforts?

What intrigued me most about the employee advocacy program was the ability to utilize all the great content and information our marketing team has put together and shares via Highspot and utilizing that content to help educate and level up my LinkedIn network about #SalesEnablement.

It’s so great having content on the ready to share and customize as necessary vs. having to create every post from scratch.


ES: What’s been your most successful and/or favorite post or share so far?

Tommy sent us the below screenshot of his favorite post. We love this post because you immediately know it’s coming from an authentic place, then he eloquently ties into a podcast he wanted to share. Benissimo!


ES: What do you enjoy most about participating in your organization’s program?

I love the ability to compete with colleagues on the weekly leaderboard and the collaboration that ensues around how to drive the most social engagement.


ES: What do you enjoy most about using EveryoneSocial?

I love the ability to share Highspot-focused thought leadership with a simple click and the opportunity to drive engagement to the great content our team produces.


ES: Final comments you’d like to share?

EveryoneSocial + Highspot makes it easy for me to drive social engagement and get the great content our marketing team creates out to the masses.


We’re so glad you enjoy using our platform and are thrilled to hear how helpful it’s been for you to share content to, and engage with, your network and beyond.

Congratulations, Tommy, for a job very well done! Keep up the great work!


Keep on Rockin’

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