Why The Leader in Conversation Intelligence Invested in Employee Advocacy w/ Sandy Pell at Invoca

Jason Brain

Creative Strategist

6 minute read

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What happens when conversation intelligence leverages employee advocacy? Not to mention, when both solution providers are the market leaders in their respective spaces?

You’ll want to listen to this conversation if you’re hoping to grow your brand into the next year.

Welcome to Social At Scale, the only podcast dedicated to employee advocacy – why it matters, what’s new, and who is doing it right.

Speaking of, Sandy Pell from Invoca joins us today to discuss how they went from a manual copy-paste routine to now using EveryoneSocial to activate their people at scale.

Sandy and Cameron discuss:

  • Why invest in employee advocacy
  • High-growth companies and SaaS enterprises
  • What set EveryoneSocial apart for Invoca
  • Three pillars of SaaS success (User, Client, Us)
  • Word of mouth marketing and awareness
  • Importance of implementation and training
  • Sandy’s top objectives for the coming year
  • Social insights for new hires
  • And much more! LISTEN BELOW ⏬

Watch the Full Episode

Three actionable takeaways:

Key takeaway 1: Word of Mouth is how brands grow

No matter how digital our lives become, we still trust what close connections recommend. Consider some of these stats if you haven’t seen (or heard) of them already.

Millennials rank word-of-mouth as the #1 influencer in their purchasing decisions. (Radius Global

And with 91% of B2B buyers influenced by word of mouth discussion in a social media landscape that is currently changing, I imagine these percentages are only going to increase. (USM)

Word of mouth is repeatedly cited as the most trusted “ad format”. But it’s not just about buying – how WOM affects hiring is also impressive.

As you may have heard, WOM-hiring has, by a huge margin, the highest applicant-to-hire conversion rate: almost half of all hires are via WOM, but those hires constitute only 7% of all applicants; crazy! (Jobvite)

Clearly word of mouth is central to how brands grow, inside and out. To scale your word of mouth marketing you can really only do one thing: activate your people – your most authentic advocates.

Check out this clip from the full episode. 🔊🔛👆

Key takeaway 2: EveryoneSocial’s UI/UX won over Invoca

Keeping important content front and center, providing easy options for multichannel distribution, and streamlining the entire experience with exemplary user interfaces. 

These were the qualities that compelled Sandy to proceed with EveryoneSocial as their employee advocacy solution at Invoca.

Adoption and engagement are always top of mind for Sandy at Invoca, and the simplicity of EveryoneSocial’s user experience optimizes for those objectives.

Furthermore, as you’ll hear Sandy speak to in the episode, implementation and training was a hit with the Client Success team here at EveryoneSocial. 

Every program is a partnership, and success has to be reciprocal for the user, the client, and the provider.
To hear why it’s also important to equip new hires with an advocacy tool from day-one, listen to the full episode.

NOTE: Some of the most engaged content we see revolves around the opening and accepting of new jobs! Without an employee advocacy platform to amplify these moments, brands are missing out big time.

Key takeaway 3: Advocacy is how you scale brand awareness

Which is to say, activating employees on social media via an employee advocacy platform like EveryoneSocial is how companies scale their word of mouth marketing.

Inasmuch as WOM is one of the most powerful forms of brand awareness, leveraging your employee networks can supercharge those conversations.

If employee advocacy is “as important as sliced bread” for Sandy’s success at Invoca, there’s certainly massive value for your own organization as well.

Listen to this clip from the full episode to hear more! 🔊🔛👇

Whether you’re in a “socially loud” company already, or looking to amplify your employer brand, working with EveryoneSocial for a tailored employee advocacy solution is all we do. 

That is to say, partnering with our clients for the entirety of their advocacy journey is what’s best for empowering their users on social media. Happy users means genuine content, more reach, more brand and personal growth, and other such virtuous cycles.

If you’re looking to get the most out of your employee content, both spontaneous and produced, we’d love to talk more about all the ways EveryoneSocial can help you get the most adoption and engagement.

That’s all for this week of Social And Scale, and until next time: happy sharing!

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