How Atkins Global Tackled Recruiting Challenges Through Social

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Atkins Global & EveryoneSocial

Learn how Atkins Global armed their recruitment team with an employee advocacy strategy and EveryoneSocial to share the company’s brand and culture to attract new talent.
Atkins Global, a member of the SNC-Lavalin Group, is one of the world’s most respected design, engineering, and project management consultancies.

The company builds long-term partnerships to provide practical solutions to the world’s most complex challenges. Atkins’ clients represent several sectors, including Infrastructure, Transportation, Energy, Aerospace, and Defence.

While the company does amazing work, the Recruitment team in the UK, discovered that their engaging content and newly structured social strategy wasn’t quite where they wanted it to be.

Atkins identified a need to enable its recruiters to be social and attract new talent by sharing branded and industry content.

Quickly, they adopted an employee advocacy platform. The recruitment team witnessed immediate results and identified an innovative approach to sourcing talent.

Let’s dive into the challenges and outcomes of the advocacy program.

What were Atkins Global initial challenges?

The Atkins team had recently developed their first structured social media strategy in the UK for recruitment, which focused on the pillars of Atkins’ culture.

The team was a content machine, but the content wasn’t far-reaching due to the lack of overall social engagement.

Atkins also realized that the content from their corporate social channels didn’t always resonate as well as the content employees were creating and sharing through their personal channels.

Their biggest challenge was the varied levels of social media experience across employees and the general nervousness they (the employees) had around posting anything about the company.

This is a common set of challenges for companies looking to better leverage social media for talent recruitment.
Sensing nervousness among employees sharing on social media? Here are 7 sample social media policies for employees your company can implement.

Why did Atkins Global choose to use a social selling and employee advocacy platform?

Atkins chose to implement an employee advocacy program to provide a clear and approved framework for employees to share company content on social media.

Some of their program goals included:

  • Engage and inform recruiters about Atkins news
  • Spread Atkins culture online through engaging content
  • Recruit and attract top talent

After searching and analyzing various tools, they ultimately chose EveryoneSocial as their employee advocacy platform and partner
Have employee advocacy concerns? Learn about the common concerns and questions we get asked and how we typically respond. Read more.
Atkins Global Engagement


How has the program supported Atkins Global social recruitment and brand goals?

“The platform has been an excellent tool to support our employee advocacy programme.

Our recruiters are able to share approved content and encourage the business to share onwards and they have access to content they otherwise wouldn’t have had the time to find or pull together from the wider groups.

We’ve seen a significant increase in our users’ followers across social media, but also in their own understanding of projects that are taking place across the wider group.

We have been able to set up dedicated streams aligned to our pillars and filter content accordingly, which has allowed for a consistent brand message across EveryoneSocial and our social channels.” – Ellie Harte, Recruitment Partner, Talent Attraction, Atkins.

What kind of statistics and results has Atkins seen since using EveryoneSocial?

Since July 2017, Atkins has shared some of the below statistics for their program.

However, they also are pursuing more opportunities with EveryoneSocial to keep the momentum going and to get additional employees to participate in their program.


Atkins Global Recruiters


Below are some initial highlights from their usage and engagement in recent months.

  • More than 85% of recruiters have consistently shared content since July
  • Roughly 25% of their recruiters contribute and suggest new content to the platform
  • The most shared articles by employees focused on Atkins content, but also third-party content on early career and in the interests of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)

Content Engagement:

  • Every Atkins recruiter has exceeded industry benchmarks for content sharing and engagement
  • More than half of the recruiters average at least 1 click for every article shared on EveryoneSocial
  • Top engaged articles reflect a mix of content including third party industry news, Atkins news, and content from Atkins-branded social channels.


What product feature does Atkins Global find most useful?

Atkins Global Favorite Feature

While the EveryoneSocial platform has been developed to meet the needs of a diverse set of clients, Atkins found one aspect of the platform particularly useful:

The ability for employees to suggest their own content into the platform.

“This makes our recruiters feel closer to the platform but also encourages them to do their own reading and research around their area of the industry and has surfaced some really interesting articles,” Harte continues “some of which have been articles that have received our highest engagement for that month.”

Final Thoughts

Employee advocacy–enabling your people to participate in social media, professionally–is a major driver behind many company’s efforts to build their culture and recruit top talent.

Besides driving recruitment of new talent and engagement of existing employees, a successful program will drive more web traffic, improve lead quality, boost employees thought leadership and much more.

Are you facing social recruiting, engagement, or internal sharing challenges like Atkins Global? Schedule your personal demo of EveryoneSocial and learn how we can help.

If you are not ready for a demo and are looking for more information, we recommend the below blog posts, case studies, and guides:


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