Author: Todd Kunsman

The Pros & Cons of LinkedIn Company Pages for Employee Advocacy

In 2020, LinkedIn made an official announcement that they would be sunsetting their employee advocacy product called Elevate. The timeline…

Todd Kunsman - Director of Marketing
LinkedIn Company Pages.

Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile [The Simple Guide]

If you have been on LinkedIn for some time now, you might remember that in the early days the social…

Todd Kunsman - Director of Marketing
Optimizing LinkedIn Profile.

How To Build Strong Brand Loyalty That Lasts For Years

Building brand loyalty is one of the best ways to retain customers, attract new customers, and generate fans of your…

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Brand Loyalty.

The Best Communication Channels Your Company Should Utilize

With the ever-changing landscape of the workplace, implementing the right communication channels will be crucial to keeping employees happy, connected,…

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Communication Channels image.

7 Digital Marketing Channels That Empower Your Results

When anyone describes marketing today, they’re most likely talking about digital marketing. Print ads, billboards, telemarketing, radio, and television were…

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Digital Marketing Channels.

Social Media KPIs: The Guide to Help You Track & Measure

There is no reason for me to dive into just how important social media is to businesses today. If you…

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Social media KPIs that a marketer is monitoring.

Advocacy Marketing: The Simple Guide to Help You Succeed

It should be of no surprise to you that marketing and the way your organization generates sales have altered over…

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The ultimate guide to advocacy marketing.

Company Values: The Definitive Guide With Top Examples

Having defined company values not only benefits employee engagement and how employees interact with your organization but can influence if…

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Company Values.