5 Employer Branding Activities to Improve Your Company’s Reputation

Laura Moss

Manager of Content Marketing

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How many of your employees are already on social?

Ninety-five percent of employees say a company’s reputation is a key factor when considering a new job — just one reason why employer branding activities are so important.

Your employer brand also affects an organization’s bottom line though.

Just take a look at these stats:

If you’re serious about improving your company’s reputation and reaping all the benefits, here are the five employer branding activities to prioritize.


1. Create a compelling careers page.

Eighty-nine percent of job seekers say company websites are an essential source of information, which is why maintaining a high-quality, up-to-date careers page is one of the most important employer branding activities.When people visit your careers page, they should get an immediate sense of company culture.

instructure careers page

Here’s what else it should include:

  • Open positions
  • Mission statement and company values
  • Information about what it’s like to work for your company, such as benefits, your employee value proposition, charity initiatives, and more
  • Employee stories
  • Links to corporate social profiles
  • Contact information or a simple way for applicants to ask questions or submit their resume
  • A way to sign up for company updates or register for your recruitment network, if you have one

2. Share employee stories.

When your people share their stories — why your company appealed to them, why they love working for you, what they’ve learned or gained from the experience — it’s incredibly powerful.

Employee stories humanize the workplace and increase trust among applicants, customers, and prospects.

infosys employee stories

After all, people trust employees three times more than the company to provide credible information about what life is like there.

Plus, when you give people a clear picture of what to expect in a work environment, it increases employee retention rates.

So share customer stories not only on your careers page, but also on social media — and encourage your employees to do the same.


3. Manage review sites.

Even if you’re not currently active on websites like Glassdoor and Comparably, you can be sure that current and former employees, as well as current candidates and potential applicants, are.

They’re talking about your organization — the good and the bad — and that information is out there for all to see.

everyonesocial comparably

That’s why managing your presence on these sites is one of the most important employer branding activities.

So regularly check your company’s reviews, and respond to questions and complaints.

Negative reviews will happen, but if you respond to them promptly and professionally, it’ll help your employer brand. In fact, 80% of Glassdoor users say their perception of a company improves when an employer responds to a review.


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4. Give employees a voice.

As noted previously, people trust what employees have to say about an organization far more than what the company says about itself.

Plus, when employees post about the company, that content has far greater reach and engagement. In fact, employee content gets eight times more engagement than content on brand channels.

social post engagements

And that’s important for your employer brand since job seekers rank social media as the most useful job-search resource and 79% of them use social media in their job search.

So empowering your people to easily create and share content about the company should be one of your ongoing employer branding activities.

It’s why companies like Cloudera, Dell, and Adobe rely on EveryoneSocial to turn their employees into influencers.


5. Invest in the candidate experience.

Another one of the essential employer branding activities to prioritize is the overall candidate experience.

You no doubt get plenty of top-notch applicants, but you can’t hire everyone. However, provide a positive application and interview experience, and it’s likely that person will apply again when the next relevant opportunity is available.

The candidate experience begins on your website, social media channels, and workplace review sites, so the time you invest in these other employer branding activities is already paying off.

Consistent, clear communication is also part of this experience, so keep candidates informed by providing next steps at every part of the hiring process.

Employers that do this well won’t only increase the likelihood of repeat applicants — 64% of job seekers say they’ll increase their business relationship with the company, which includes referring other applicants and even purchasing products.

However, 43% of candidates say they’ll cut ties with an organization completely after a negative candidate experience.


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