We’re very proud to announce that EveryoneSocial CEO & Founder Cameron Brain and two of our customers (Dell Technologies and Genesys) are prominently featured in Forrester’s new report, Add Social Selling To Your B2B Repertoire, authored by Principal Analyst, Mary Shea.

An advocate can share anything, but social selling is targeted in content and customers. It’s a longer-term play that is all about building relationships and staying top of mind.

~Amy Heiss, Dell Technologies

Social selling–often as a component of an org’s overall digital transformation–is fast becoming a top priority for b2b organizations of all types. Why? As outlined in some recent reports (State of Marketing and State of Sales) put out by Salesforce, the #1 priority reported by both sales and marketing organizations is customer experience.

The customer is once again at the center of the b2b world, and since virtually all customers are active on social it’s only logical that sales teams are adopting tools and practices to meet them on their own ground. We recommend Mary’s report for anyone who is new to social selling or trying to figure out what a program might look like at their company.

Topics covered in Forrester’s report include:

  • Social Selling: The B2B Marketing Sweetspot
  • Adding Selling To Your Social Roster
  • Opportunities And Importance Of Alignment
  • Accommodating Global Nuances & Channels
  • Recommendations & Supplemental Materials

Forrester clients receive free access to the report. Click below to download your copy.

Forrester Report